You live better once you know better.

A Study Of believes that the key to your well-being is to be well-informed. It’s what our formulations are founded on: clear and accessible information on the supplements that can help you lead more fulfilling lives.

It all begins with the ingredients we use, which come with absolutely no GMOs, artificial colorants, or fillers. The result? Clean and high efficacy supplements that encourage you to make smarter choices about the care you give yourself.

You live better once you know better.

What We Value

Celebrating Your Wellness

Taking a supplement is a
proactive form of self-care
that should be treated as
a way of celebrating your
own body and mind’s needs
before anything else.

A Science-First Approach

No fads or miracle cures
here—just formulations
rooted in well-documented
studies so you can make a
good habit of living well
without worry.

Smarter, Informed Choices

It’s in our name: A Study Of
is about learning the science
behind wellness and passing
it on to our customers to
make them smarter about
their lifestyle choices.

Why Study?

FDA Registered Facility

We keep you safe.
All our wellness supplements
are produced in an FDA
approved facility and meet
federal safety standards.

GMP Certified

We value sustainability.
Our US-based facilities practice
Good Manufacturing Practice
and are GMP Certified.


We are natural.
Our products are in the absence
of genetic engineering and
with no use of ingredients
that are not derived from
genetically modified organisms.